Other Snooker People

This page has pictures of me with former pros, commentators, referees, presenters and any other snooker people

Ray Reardon

 Alex Higgins
  Terry Griffiths
 Cliff Thorburn

 Steve Davis

 Dennis Taylor

 Joe Johnson

 Stephen Hendry

 John Parrott

Ken Doherty

 John Higgins

Mark Williams

Ronnie O’Sullivan Peter Ebdon

Shaun Murphy

 Graeme Dott Neil Robertson

Patsy Fagan  Neal Foulds Tony Knowles
 Graham Miles  Doug Mountjoy  Kirk Stevens
 Willie Thorne  John Virgo

 Mike Watterson

 Jimmy White

 Gary Wilkinson  

 Barry Hearn

Jason Ferguson

Rodney Walker

 Michaela Tabb  Jan Verhaas  Eirian Williams
 Paul Collier  Brendan Moore  Leo Scullion
 Colin Humphries  Terry Camilleri  Pete Williamson
 Olivier Marteel  Alan Chamberlain

 Len Ganley

 Johan Oomen    

Mark Boyle

 Jordan Brown  Wayne Cooper
 Matt Couch Stephen Craigie  Paul Davies
Joe Delaney Patrick Einsle

 Reanne Evans

 Igor Figueiredo Rodney Goggins

 David Gray

 Adrian Gunnell

 Bjorn Haneveer

Li Hang
David Hogan Kuldesh Johal Jak Jones

 Michael Judge

 Jin Long

 Atthasit Mahitti

 Ian McCulloch  Jimmy Michie

 David Morris

 Vinnie Muldoon  Chris Norbury

Andrew Norman

Brendan O’Donoghue

Lee Page

 Andrew Pagett 

 Stuart Pettman  Ian Preece  David Roe
Stephen Rowlings

Noppadol Sangnil

 Liu Song

 Lee Spick

 Joe Swail

 Patrick Wallace

Mei Xiwen

 Clive Everton  Willie Thorne  John Virgo
 Dennis Taylor  Terry Griffiths   Neal Foulds
 Ken Doherty  Steve Davis  John Parrott

 Hazel Irvine  Rishi Persad  Andy Goldstein
 Ray Stubbs    

Rob Walker  Richard Beare

Lloyd Davies 

Phil Taylor

 Peter Manley  Adrian Lewis
Kevin Painter  John Lowe

Bob Anderson 


  • Adrian Gunnell
  • Andrew Norman
  • Andrew Pagett
  • Andy Hicks
  • Atthasit Mahitti
  • Barry Pinches
  • Bjorn Haneveer
  • Brendan O’Donoghue
  • Chris Norbury
  • Craig Steadman
  • Daniel Wells
  • David Grace
  • David Gray
  • David Hogan
  • David Morris
  • David Roe
  • Ian McCulloch
  • Ian Preece
  • Igor Figueiedo
  • Jak Jones
  • James Wattana
  • Jimmy Michie
  • Jin Long
  • Joe Delaney
  • Joe Jogia
  • Joe Swail
  • Jordan Brown
  • Kuldesh Johal
  • Lee Page
  • Lee Spick
  • Li Hang
  • Liam Highfield
  • Liu Chuang
  • Liu Song
  • Mark Boyle
  • Matt Couch
  • Mei Xiwen
  • Michael Judge
  • Noppadol Sangnil
  • Patrick Einsle
  • Patrick Wallace
  • Paul Davies
  • Reanne Evans
  • Rodney Goggins
  • Sam Baird
  • Simon Bedford
  • Stephen Craigie
  • Stephen Lee
  • Stuart Pettman
  • Stephen  Rowlings
  • Tony Drago
  • Vinnie Muldoon
  • Wayne Cooper
  • Zhang Anda




  1. I still envy you, because you have all these pictures. Especially the one with beautiful Michaela Tabb ;-)

    But where are alle the pictures with the hair man?? To me he´s a legend, too.

  2. I’m sorry, how the hell do you meet all of these? Do you live in the Crucible or something? Good on you for getting all the pics though.

  3. Hi Ryan, just followed the link through from your TSF account.. It may be possible that you’ve met more snooker players than me! Anyway, great website mate, only had a quick look but I like that you interview all these players. I live in Chesterfield and am a billiard trader, supply cues, cases, accesories, re-cover and supply tables and have a sale in a couple of weeks at my club. Please see the attached linf for further details. If you can get over there will be loads of snooker and pool memorabillia, cues, framed rules etc. etc on offer. Hope you can make it, cheers, Dave, DG Pool, Tel. 07740102927

    Link for sale 6th & &th Feb.: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330396314165&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT

  4. Great site Ryan!! Keep it up!!!!! I am a snooker & footy enthusiast as well from Athens, Greece & I think your site is brilliant! I am a supporter of AEK Athens FC and in the green baize I pretty much fancy everyone that can hit the white ball, which is all the pros plus 50 more amateurs!! Hope I can make the journey one day to Sheffield & the Crucible for the World Championship & meet you! All the best!

  5. The great Doug Mountjoy! A true great indeed, three seasons ago I played him against him best of seven on the Blackball circuit…, the bugger beat me 4-2. Yep a true great and that 145 at the Crucible back in 1981 will always be my outstanding memory of him.
    Good luck to Chestfield in League 1!!

  6. I will be in Sheffield in January to visit Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed and Rotherham, I’m going to be staying with Anthony McGill, I’ll get a photo with you if you are coming to the snooker, I used to be on the main tour in snooker … cheers

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