Well its a month and a week since I began work on ryan147.com. I have spent many hours a day working on  it and today its finished. Before I post it around the internet I thought I would explain each part of the site

Intro-Here is the introduction to the website

Snooker Players-My pictures with all the 96 main tour snooker players. Click on pictures for more photos with that player.

Other Snooker People-My pictures with anyone else who has anything to do with Snooker. MC’S, presentars, commentators, legends. Again click the pictures for more with that person

Premiership/Championship/League1/League 2-My pictures at all the different league clubs. Click the pictures for photos.

Rest of the Grounds-My pictures at LOST and NON League grounds

I hope you all enjoy look around my site and feel free to coment on any page.


Ryan 🙂


  1. I’ve just had a quick look round, very good site Ryan.
    I’m impressed that I didn’t see any photos of your dad (he must crop up somewhere!!!). lol

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