Bring Me The Horizon – Live at The Dome, Doncaster


Bring Me The Horizon returned to Yorkshire in style on Thursday night as they rocked the sold-out Doncaster Dome in the latest show of their ‘That’s The Spirit’ tour.

Sheffield five-piece Bring Me The Horizon are at the peak of their powers right now and the anticipation for their home county show was monumental.

Following two nights in Scotland, performing in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Oliver Sykes and co. headed to Doncaster for the fourth night in the UK section of their huge world tour promoting their recent fifth release, ‘That’s The Spirit’.

Dedicated and adoring fans of the band queued to hours to get the best standing places in the venue and it was already considerably full when the first of two support acts, ‘PVRIS’, hit the stage at around half 7.

Alternative American trio, fronted by the instantly recognisable Lynn Gunn, provided a superb start to the evening. With plenty of fans in attendance, it didn’t take long into their half-hour set for the trio to get the crowd bouncing, kicking off with ‘White Noise’ and later bringing the set to a magnificent conclusion with ‘St Patrick’ and ‘My House’.

The room’s energy was raised yet another level by the main support act ‘Neck Deep’. Fronted by the charismatic Ben Barlow, the Welsh pop-punk quartet made the most of their first ever show in Doncaster – performing the likes of ‘Citizens of Earth’ and ‘What Did You Expect? whilst putting on an energetically rowdy performance that really put the audience in the mood for the main event.

As the anticipation in the venue reached boiling point, the band finally hit the stage.  New track ‘Doomed’ proved a perfect opener to the set with its  atmospheric opening, before the stage burst into life at the chorus. ‘Happy Song’ then lifted the energy to another level that continued all night long.

‘Throne’ and ‘True Friends’ were also performed from the new album, whilst the quintet performed five tracks – including ‘Shadow Moses’, ‘Sleepwalking’ and the incredibly emotional ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ – from their previous and arguably best album ‘Sempiternal’.

A rare throwback to another era of the band also saw the powerful ‘Chelsea Smile’ performed. But that was as good as it got for fans of the bands older material with Sykes dismissing chants of ‘Pray for Plagues!’ with “not a f*cking chance!” before offering up what he described as “the next best thing” – ‘Antivist’.

Following this track the band briefly left the stage, but this didn’t last long and they quickly returned at the request of their adoring fans to perform two more tracks. A notably brilliant performance of ‘Blessed With A Curse’ began the encore, with the crowd singing the lyrics back to the band in an extended outro. Sykes then thanked the crowd, announcing that “Doncaster you’ve smashed it tonight!” before bringing a memorable night to a conclusion with ‘Drown’ as black confetti burst from the stage and filled the room.

It was a superb performance from one of Sheffield’s most successful recent exports that sent every single person home happy. Bring Me The Horizon’s now look ahead to a very exciting week, performing in Cardiff before a very special show at London’s Alexandra Palace on Saturday Night.


Setlist: White Noise // Fire // Mirrors // Holy // St Patrick // My House //

Neck Deep

Setlist: Citizens of Earth // Loosing Teeth // Gold Steps // Kali Ma // Can’t Kick Up The Roots // Serpents // A Part of Me // What Did You Expect? //

Bring Me The Horizon

Setlist: Doomed // Happy Song // Go To Hell, For Heavens Sake // The House of Wolves // Chelsea Smile // Throne // Shadow Moses // Sleepwalking // True Friends // Can You Feel My Heart // Antivist // Blessed With A Curse // Drown //


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