Inherit The Stars – Live at The Rocking Chair, Sheffield


Inherit The Stars kicked off 2016 with a packed-out show at The Rocking Chair to release the new single ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’. Before the gig I sat down with the band to find out more about this highly-rated Sheffield quartet.

It is nearly two and a half years since I last interviewed Inherit The Stars and a lot has changed for the band since that day.

Instantly noticeable is the line-up change, with five becoming four as drummer Jordan Rabjohn and founder member Theo Egginton left the band. However, as bassist Lewis Wild explained, this was completely amicable – a point proven by Theo and Jordan being right at the front of this evening’s gig supporting their former bandmates:

Jordan was always a temporary option as a good mate of ours but he always had his own stuff and wanted to do his own thing. And Theo was in America last year and wants to do more travelling. But we’re still all close friends.

Marc Wragg, a close-friend of the band and former drummer of ‘The Monday Club’, took over during the summer and has now become a permanent fixture. “It just kind of fell into place naturally, they needed a drummer and I’m a drummer so…

But Lewis insisted that it’s more than simply a needs-must situation with a strong sense of friendship in the band: “It’s more than just needing a drummer though. There’s plenty of good drummers out there, we needed someone who fits with us mentality wise and has drive and the same unique sense of humour as us – things like that.

We’ve all lived together at some point and it’s class because we’re all so close. We’re obsessed with each other! It’s like a family really. It’s a cliché but it’s true!”

(left to right): Marc Wragg, Lewis Wild, Daniel Jeffery, Chris Brayshaw

(left to right): Marc Wragg, Lewis Wild, Daniel Jeffery, Chris Brayshaw

The line-up isn’t the only thing that’s changed though, and speaking to the band it’s clear they have a new-found confidence and direction that may have been lacking in the past. During the last interview, Inherit had just released their debut album ‘We Were Made To Walk The Skies’ – an excellent, but largely unknown release in comparison to more recent material.

It’s still virtually unheard really. Promotion-wise we didn’t have a clue what we were doing. We didn’t know how to get it out there.” explained Lewis before frontman Daniel Jeffery added “We were still just finding our feet back then and now I think we’ve got a really clear direction of what we want to achieve musically.

EP ‘Beyond The Beacons’, released in December 2014 to almost unanimously positive reviews (including an 8/10 from Rock Sound Magazine), appears to have been a catalyst for the band. “It’s a bit heavier and more electronic in places. It’s got mixed sounds on it, I think were still finding our direction and trying different things. It’s good because songs like ‘Better Than This’ and ‘Exit Plan’ have set us off in the right direction

Dan also told of their dedication in getting the five-track EP heard across the country: “The way we went about releasing it was different. We got 5,000 copies of it made and followed Enter Shikari, Bring Me The Horizon and Fightstar on tour, giving out free copies at each of their shows. And then we did a tour in the same places a month or so later so we already had a fan base there. In that respect it went down a lot better than the album because we promoted it right and went about it the right way.



Continuing to spread their sound across the UK is the next step for the Sheffield group and one they are clearly dedicated to achieving. “We’ve got loads of gigs booked between now and June, I think it’s around 20 all out of Sheffield.

“The plan is to gig as much as possible in different cities at weekend and then come back on a proper tour in the latter part of the year when we’ve established a fan base. It’s always better when people know who you are when you go to a different city, like Bolton has become a bit of a second city for us and maybe 20/30 people knew all the words last time we were there – it’s class.”

For tonight however, Inherit The Stars were back home for the release of their latest and arguably most accomplished single this far – ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’. And with a hometown crowd comes added pressure:

I’m really excited but also pretty nervous.” said Chris, adding “it’s always bad when all your friends and family are coming rather than just people you don’t know!

But an eagerness to kick off 2016 “with a bang” was clearly the overriding emotion and they did not disappoint on a memorable night at the intimate (and sweaty!) Rocking Chair venue. The night started with “our new chums” ‘Counterpoint’, followed by ‘Bury The Memory’ and ‘Entity’. The highly-rated ‘Take The Seven’ provided the main support, a fact which Chris admiringly described as “nerve-wracking”, and they did not disappoint with a typically brilliant set before the headliners hit the stage.

Take The Seven

Take The Seven

Having seen ‘Inherit The Stars’ live on five previous occasions, the quality of performance was no surprise as the quartet rocked the venue to it’s core with a setlist that grows in quality with each passing release. The half-hour performance included tracks from each era of the band, with the main event coming from the newly-released ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’ which went down a storm amongst the energetic hometown crowd.

Speaking of the new track, Dan said:  “We’ve had it finished since about August and we’ve just been waiting for the right time to put it out. Since it’s original conception it’s about a year old but it still feels really fresh and fun to play. It’s definitely my favourite bit of work we’ve done so far. It’s a perfect bridging step between ‘Beyond The Beacons’ and what our next record will be, it introduces it really well.

That next release, another EP, is expected for release in the summer and with the group believing it to be their best material yet, there is no doubt that it will be an unmissable release for fans of the genre!


So how far can Inherit The Stars go? Sheffield’s success in the alternative scene is a hot topic at the moment with the likes of ‘While She Sleeps’ and most notably ‘Bring Me The Horizon’, who recently announced an arena tour.

It definitely lets you know that it’s achievable.” explained Dan. “Bands like While She Sleeps are just kids from Donny and Chesterfield aren’t they. They’re not really anybody special except one day they were special because of their hard work and ethic. And that’s what we have as well, you need to work hard and make your own success.

But a refreshingly simple love of music is the driving force behind the band, as Lewis added: “Where do you draw the line and say you’ve made it as a success? I mean with Bring Me, they released a mint album like ‘Sempiternal’ but now they’re doing an arena tour! So when do you look back and say it’s a success?  We just enjoy playing music together. Going back to how close we all are, we just do it because we share the same hobbies and it’s just working out along the way.”

It’s all we want to do. Just write songs and play them, in a nutshell – that’s it!


Check out Inherit The Stars’ new song ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’ below:


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  1. This is a very good piece Ryan and your writing is coming along well. Please note the difference in the words its and it’s though. I look forward to reading your further work. Good luck in all that you do…….

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