Mike Watterson


  1. Hi Ryan,
    Do you know if your uncle Mike still ownes the number plate ‘1 CUE’ ? I was told he used to own it, and might still have it. I am looking to buy it as i currently own ‘CUE 1’.
    Kind regards, Neil

    1. Hi Neil,
      Can you please tell me who you bought CUE 1 from, when and how much? I could have bought 1CUE in 1979 on a new Ford Cortina including the car for £6,000 but decided not to. I sold CUE1 in 1994 to Ian Doyle (Steven Hendry`s Manager) on the understanding that I would have first refusal if he decided to resell. I bought the number and Car from my great friend Joe Davis in 1976.
      Hope to hear from you-my e-mail address is mike.watterson@btinternet.com

      Kind regards,
      Mike W.

      ps.Sorry about the delay in responding.

  2. Neil. Mike used to own ‘CUE 1′, which he acquired from Joe Davis in the late 70’s. He sold it in about 1993 to Ian Doyle.
    He also have ’34 CUE’ but never owned ‘1 CUE’.
    Unfortunately I don’t know who owns it.
    Andy Watterson

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