derren brown

Derren Brown ‘Miracle’ at Sheffield City Hall


Derren Brown headed to Sheffield on Monday 13th April 2015 for the first of a three-night run at the City Hall performing his latest live show ‘Miracle’.

I’m not going to write a proper review as I don’t want to spoil what happens for those attending in the future. But simply to say that it is an incredible, inspirational and truly amazing show.

Derren’s baffling skill, charisma and all-around greatness as a performer is something that everybody should witness for themselves at least once. It is without a doubt one of the best live shows of any sort that I have attended!

I was also lucky enough to briefly meet Derren, a genuinly nice guy, after the performance as he signed autographs for the waiting crowds.

Check out a few photos below! (No spoilers!)