Everton FC Ground Visit


This is the second of three reports from my day in Liverpool on Tuesday (18th August). This report is about my first ever visit to Everton FC’s Goodison Park.

After visiting some of the Liverpool sites (see previous post) I decided to visit Everton FC’s home, Goodison Park. I had never visited this ground before and neither had my Dad so this was a first for both of us.

After a short wander down to the main entrance we asked if we could get inside the ground for a few photos. A kind man let us in the Stanley Park End and I had lots of pictures taken inside. After spending about a while inside the ground I came back out and continued to make our way all the way round the ground.

I had my picture taken with the Dixie Dean statue. William ‘Dixie’ Dean was an Everton legend scoring 383 goals in 433 games and he also made 16 appearances for England, scoring 18 goals. We also saw the unique church that overlooks Goodison Park, St Luke’s. Everton is the only league ground to have a church overlooking the ground.

Goodison Park has been the home of Everton since 1892 and the ground has seen many great matches since then. As well as hosting Everton’s home matches it has also hosted many international matches including several 1966 World Cup matches and even an FA Cup final back in 1894 when Notts County beat Bolton Wanderers infront of a crowd of 37,000.

Everton had played their opening game of the season here only two days ago which resulted in a heavy 6-1 home defeat to Arsenal.Consequently today they were bottom of the Premier League!








The Dixie Dean Statue





In the club shop


This is the park that splits up Liverpool and Everton’s football grounds



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