Liverpool FC Ground Tour

Everton Liverpool 18 Aug 2009 313

This is my final report about my day in Liverpool on Tuesday (18th August). This post is about my ground tour at Liverpool FC’s home, Anfield.

This was my first visit to Anfield. I have been wanting to visit  for a while.Aside of the fact that it is one of the most famous football stadiums in the world,the fact that Liverpool are going to be moving grounds in the next few years to nearby Stanley Park made me more determined to get a ground tour in.

My Dad had been once before for a match against Wimbledon in 1988 shortly before the teams contested that years cup final and he stood on the famous Kop when it was a standing terrace.

I arrived early to have a walk around the ground prior to going on the tour.The first place I visited was the Hillsborough memorial which lists the names of the 96 people who died on that tragic day in Sheffield back in 1989. This is a place for people to remember their loved ones who died .It is situated at the side of the Shankly gates which has the famous Liverpool motto “You’ll Never walk Alone” above it.

The tour kicked off at the statue of famous former Liverpool manager Bill Shankly. Bill Shankly OBE was Liverpool’s manager between 1959 and 1974 and during his time there he won three league championships, two FA cups and a UEFA cup. He was also a talented player playing nearly 300 games in the football league for Preston North End.

The tour guides took us to the home dressing room first. All the shirts were lined up as they normally would be on a matchday.The kits are always positioned with the defence on the left,midfield in the middle and the attack on the right.That is an idea used by the club so that the players sit with the ones they are playing alongside in the game. It was suprisingly basic for a team like Liverpool with just a small changing area. I had my photo with Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres and Jamie Carragher’s shirts.

The next place they showed us was the area where players are interviewed after matches. The famous ‘This is Anfield’ sign was right next to that area and I had my photo with it. It was Bill Shankley who first had that famous sign put above the players tunnel.We were told its purpose is to both intimidate the opposition and to bring those who touch it good luck so I touched it on the way down the steps into the ground.At this point a recording of the noise created by the Anfield crowd was played to give you an idea of what it would be like to walk out in front of around forty five thousand supporters.

We came out at the Main Stand with the Kop to our right and Centenary Stand right in front of us. I sat in the dugout and walked all round the main stand. Unfortunately we were not taken all round the ground but I got plenty of photos inside the ground anyway. The ground is very nice and I think its a shame they are moving soon, however as the tour guide said they are turning down thousands of people per game due to the ground not being big enough and cannot make Anfield any bigger due to all the surrounding houses.

After the tour I went into the museum. The museum was very good and had lots of great things on show including replicas of all 5 Champions League Trophies, the ball used in the 2005 champions league final, lots of different shirts worn by players, famous programmes, all Jamie Carragher’s different medals he has won at Liverpool and lots more.

I had a great day at Anfield and would definitely recommend going if you haven’t already!


The Hillsborough Disaster Memorial

Everton Liverpool 18 Aug 2009 244


“You’ll Never Walk Alone”


Outside the Kop


The Bill Shankly statue


The players entrance

Everton Liverpool 18 Aug 2009 313


The area players are interviewed after matches


The home dressing room


With Steven Gerrard’s shirt


“This is Anfield”


Stepping out into Anfield


Sat in the Dugout


The Anfield Road End

Everton Liverpool 18 Aug 2009 354

Infront of the Centenary Stand

Everton Liverpool 18 Aug 2009 369

The Centenary Stand

Everton Liverpool 18 Aug 2009 373

Stood in the Main Stand, behind me is the Kop

Everton Liverpool 18 Aug 2009 374

Stood in the Main Stand, behind me is the Anfield Road end

Everton Liverpool 18 Aug 2009 387


The following photos are from inside the museum



A model of Anfield in the 1950’s and 60’s


The old First Division trophy





One of the matchballs from the 2005 Champions League final in which Liverpool beat AC Milan on penalties after pulling back to 3-3 from 0-3 down


One of the paintings


Liverpool legend Roger Hunt’s England shirt that he wore in the 1966 World Cup semi final against Portugal



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