2010 World Snooker Championship – Day 5

On Wednesday 21st April I was once again back at the Crucible. It was a great day as I got front row seats and even got a mention on the BBC by the great Willie Thorne.

As we were walking up towards Tudor Square we noticed pictures of all the previous world snooker champions had been put up on the security fences. Just these simple pictures made it look a lot nicer than simply having the fences there. Some did point out though that Joe Davis, who had apparently been up earlier, was missing so someone could be walking around with a big picture of Joe Davis under their arm!

Brian, who always sits on the front row with the Coventry City shirts on, kindly offered us his two tickets to go in for the last frame of Stephen Lee vs Stephen Maguire. We took up his offer and took our front row seats for the final frame. Maguire was leading 5-3 when we went in and he took a scrappy final frame to end the session 6-3 ahead.

As this final frame had gone on for a little while, it meant a delay to the start the evening session. During the break we had a wander around and I spotted Fergal O’Brien ,who had lost to Neil Robertson in the first round, and I had a picture with him.

It was now time to go in to watch two former World Champions, Peter Ebdon and Graeme Dott, face off. We once again had front row seats for this match, right next to the players. I had a ‘ryan147.com’ t-shirt on and my Dad had a ‘World Snooker Championship at The Crucible Theatre’ t-shirt on courtesy of “Snookershirt”, this meant we had a good chance of getting on TV. In fact in the third frame the camera did a close up on our t-shirts and Willie Thorne mentioned both mine and my Dad’s t-shirts. Sadly this will probably never be shown on TV again as the frame it was in eventually went to re-rack after half an hour!

Graeme Dott came into the session with a 7-2 lead however, Peter Ebdon took 3 out of the first 4 frames to get back to 8-5. However, after the mid-session interval Graeme took both frames to win the match 10-5. It was a pretty poor session in fairness with just one break over 60, but it was great to get seen on TV and it obviously worked as I got 2,929 hits and lots of lovely comments from all over the world!

After chatting to a few people we know, we headed off home. I was delighted to see so many nice comments from so many people when I got home.

The Crucible Theatre

ryan147.com reporting from the 2010 World Snooker Championship

Next to Alex Higgins, he looks a little different to when I met him last!

Stephen Lee loses the last frame of the session.

The empty Crucible Theatre stage

About as close to the players seats as you can get!

Fergal O'Brien

Dennis Taylor doing an interview in the St Paul's Hotel next to the Winter Gardens

My Dad, Me and Matt from Pro Snooker Blog on the front row


The new-look Crucible at night

Me looking very tired after a late night finish!


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