Saltergate Open Day 2010

On Sunday 6th June I went to Saltergate for probably the final time for the last open day at the ground. 

A marquee was erected on the Saltergate pitch for a 3 day celebration.It started on the friday night (4th June) with the farewell banquet where many ex Chesterfield legends were present including Gordon Banks.
The Saturday night was the player of the year event, where Tommy Lee won the award and it all ended on the Sunday with an open day which featured a farewell look at Saltergate. 

Below you can see some photos from the day. 


The Saltergate red carpet!

The Vodka Kick girls

Andy Morris


The Spirettes, who wont be at the new ground next season

with Chairman Barrie Hubbard and Mr Geoff Mitchell

with assistant manager Tommy Wright and defender Aaron Downes

Chesterfield manger John Sheridan, who we chatted to for quite a while

Ernie Moss signs for me

Chesterfield's all time highest goalscorer Ernie Moss

Compton Street

A final photo in our seats at Saltergate

I have sat in this seat for the last season at Saltergate

A sign left lying on the ground

The Marquee on the pitch

Howard Borrell takes one last look at Saltergate

View from the Main Stand

A rusty bin remains on the Kop



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