Shanghai Masters Qualifiers


On Tuesday 3rd August 2010 I went to the World Snooker Academy in Sheffield for the Shanghai Masters qualifying. I met some new players in my attempt to meet all 96 professional players.

Due to lack of seating in the academy, (most tables have only two seats allocated to each player) no spectators were allowed for this tournament.
When I arrived Janie Watkins kindly invited me into the players lounge so I could watch the scores coming through.
As I arrived I got photos with new professional’s Liam Highfield and Anthony McGill, who were both very friendly.
I then got a photo with Dave Gilbert, who was a bit disappointed after losing 5-4 to Igor Figueirdo. I was pleased to meet Dave though as he was the only player out of the 96 that I didn’t meet last season, however with all the new players on the tour there’s still a few to get this time.
Joe Delaney came over and spoke to us for a while, Joe is a great guy and always takes the time out to chat,and I had a picture with him, Michael Judge and Fergal O’Brien together.
In the players lounge I also met Paul Mount along with his daughter Sarah who is responsible for the new Gloucester Academy.
Whilst there I got photos with Jak Jones, he was there with his Mum and Dad although he had sadly been beaten in the first round by Anda Zhang.
I also spoke to Tony Drago who was telling me that he knew my Dad’s Uncle Mike Watterson who brought the World Snooker to the Crucible Theatre very well.
Finally before leaving I chatted to the only German professional on the tour Patrick Einsle and Igor Figueirdo of another new pro from Brazil!
With most of the qualifiers being played at the Academy this season, I hope to meet all 96 players on the tour this season.

Arriving to the EIS

Liam Highfield, who was playing Jimmy White in the evening

Anthony McGill from Scotland

Meeting Dave Gilbert meant I have now met all 96 players from the 2009/10 season

One of the friendliest professional players, Joe Delaney

Michael Jude, Fergal O'Brien and Joe Delaney

Jak Jones

Paul Mount, who is responsible for the Gloucester Snooker Centre

In the players lounge

Germany's second ever professional, Patrick Einsle

Brazil's first professional, Igor Figuieredo

Patrick Einsle and Igor Figuieredo

Tony Drago


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  1. hello have you met alain robidoux yet? he was one of the finest players. i remember once Robidoux refused to shake O’Sullivan’s hand at the end of a match. O’Sullivan responded that he played better with his left hand than Robidoux could with his right.

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