2012 World Snooker Championship – The Final

On Sunday 6th May 2012 I was at the Crucible Theatre for the second session of the World Snooker Championship Final between Ronnie O’Sullivan and Ali Carter.

On Monday 7th May, we returned between the afternoon and evening sessions to say goodbye to our Snooker friends for another year.

Sunday 6th May
We set off to the Crucible with just a couple of frames of the opening session remaining and on arrival we headed to the Winter Gardens to watch Ronnie O’Sullivan complete his magnificent 92 clearance, before seeing the chat between Hazel Irvine, Steve Davis and John Parrott in the BBC Studio between frames.

After getting a bite to eat, we had a quick chat with Matt from Pro Snooker Blog who we had somehow failed to see all tournament! We then headed in to the Crucible Theatre for the final time this tournament for the second session of the 2012 World Final.

Prior to the start of the session, Steve Davis and John Parrott were stood in the venue to present the BBC coverage and recap on the afternoon session, in which O’Sullivan had taken a 5-3 lead over Ali Carter by knocking a 141 break, the highest ever break in a World Snooker final.

Carter took the opening frame with a half century to move within one frame of the Rocket, but O’Sullivan won a scrappy next two frames to move 7-4 ahead. Another scrappy frame before the interval was won by Carter to make the score 7-5 at the break.

The Captain missed two simple blacks in the next frame which proved costly as O’Sullivan made the score 8-5 and the next two frames to make the score 9-6.

Carter was clearly struggling and some good play from O’Sullivan allowed him to make the score 10-6, but Carter managed to win a vital 17th frame to end the session trailing by 3 frames at 10-7.

Ronnie clearly deserved the lead, but Carter had done well to stay in touching distance and it meant that the final was not yet the foregone conclusion that many had suspected.

Monday 7th May
On the final day of the 2012 World Championship, we decided to head down to the Crucible between sessions to see which ‘celebrities’ had turned up for the final. Ronnie O’Sullivan pulled away at 15-10 after the third session and he looked almost certain to win this year’s World Championship.

As we walked past the stage door, we spotted a small crowd and moments later Ronnie O’Sullivan walked out in to a waiting car. While I didn’t get a photograph with him, it was good to see him in real life once again.

The atmosphere around the Crucible on the last day is always rather quiet, I always feel like it’s the end of the party and almost everyone has already gone home. Nonetheless, we headed to the Graduate Pub and had a chat to Cameron, who had come down to Sheffield for the final day of the tournament this year.

While we were in the pub I saw CJ de Mooi from TV show ‘Eggheads’. CJ always talks to me as he is a regular at the Snooker and we had our yearly photograph together and entertainer Darren Day, who was with CJ, joined in the picture.

We continued to wander around for a while and chat to a few people we know between sessions. I spotted Ali Carter walking towards his hotel and I had a quick picture with him on the day of his second World final.

With not long to go until the evening session got underway, I had a photo with 6 times World Champion Ray Reardon, former Cricket umpire Dickie Bird and the leader of Snooker’s revival Barry Hearn before heading home to watch the tournament’s conclusion on TV.

It was Ronnie O’Sullivan who lifted his 4th World title, winning 3 of the 4 frames in the evening to win the match 18-11. O’Sullivan certainly deserved to win this year’s World Championship as he has played some of the best snooker of his career and he is easily one of the most naturally gifted players ever to pick up a cue. Who knows how many World titles Ronnie could yet win.

Sunday 6th May

Back at the Crucible

The BBC Studio in the Winter Gardens

Hazel Irvine in the studio

Steve Davis and John Parrott watch the final frame of the afternoon session

Ken Doherty plays a frame with a fan

Ken Doherty watches the end of the opening session

Parrott and Davis watching the snooker

In the Graduate awaiting food

We finally bumped in to Matt from Pro Snooker Blog outside the Cruicble

The order of play

The Final table

The business end of the table

Ronnie O’Sullivan’s seat

Ali Carter’s seat

Ronnie’s view of the table

Sat in the crowd before the second session of the final

with former PDC World Darts Finalist Peter “One Dart” Manley

Final adjustments before the live broadcast

John Parrott and Steve Davis go over what they’re going to say

Hazel Irvine

The Crucible audience

Hazel Irvine presents the BBC’s live coverage

John Parrott and Steve Davis chat about the final so far

Highlights of the opening session are shown

Final referee Michaela Tabb makes her entrance

The World Snooker Championship trophy

Ali “The Captain” Carter

Ali Carter prepares for the second session of his second World final

“The Rocket” Ronnie O’Sullivan

Ronnie O’Sullivan attempts to become a 4 time World Champion

Willie Thorne and John Virgo in the commentary box

Carter wins the final frame of the session to trail by just 3 frames at 10-7

The table at the end of the session

The camera follows Ali back to his dressing room

Lisa and Brian inside the Crucible

Hairbear makes it in the venue for the final frame

The score at the end of day 16

The table is brushed down at the end of the session

At the end of my last session of this years World Championship

In the Crucible Bar with Hairbear

Me and my Dad have our last photo with the Statman for this tournament!

Time to go home…

Tudor Square is lit up at the end of Day 16, only 1 day to go

Monday 7th May

Ronnie O’Sullivan is escorted to a car after the 3rd session

The tournament isn’t over yet but already things are being packed away

In the Graduate with Cameron, who came down for the final day of the tournament

with CJ de Mooi and Darren Day

with Ali Carter after the 3rd session of the final

Me and my dad stand either side of the World Championship Trophy

The trophy shines

The lady on top of the famous trophy

with 6 times World Champion Ray Reardon

with Dickie Bird

My yearly photograph with Barry Hearn


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