Saltergate – The Demolition (Part 3)

From 12th May to 20th June 2012 we have returned to Saltergate a number of times to take photographs of the on going demolition of Chesterfield’s former home. The Spireites played at Saltergate for 139 years before leaving in 2010 and sadly now the ground is almost gone forever. You can see more photos below.

I have done previous reports on the demolition of Saltergate. To see these, click the links.

12th May 2012


The roof of the main stand now has holes in it

The Main Stand is now just a shell and you can clearly see the opposite floodlight through the window of this photo

Looking through the Main Stand

The Saltergate floodlights stand tall over Chesterfield

Another space in the main stand roof

A digger next to the Main Stand

Underneath the Main Stand

Each metal bar holding up the stand has the letters CFC on them

The pitch is now just mud

The back wall of the Compton Street Stand where I sat for most of my games at the ground

The Kop steps are smashed up

A floodlight stands over the wall

Another view of the ground, from this angle the demolition is less noticeable

It’s the end of an era

The main stand looks over the hill behind the Kop

A floodlight stands for it’s final few months

Heading home…

17th May 2012 

The middle of the Main Stand has now gone

The rubble lies in front of the remaining sections of the stand

Looking straight through the Main Stand

This used to be above the main reception door with the “Chesterfield FC” sign on it

The Compton Street Stand

The Main Stand’s days are numbered…

The piles of rubble that were once the away end

More of the Cross Street wall has been knocked down

Looking through the stand towards a floodlight

A reminder for the fans who once filled the ground every week

A different view over the Cross Street wall

The Main Stand

The path up to Compton Street

The turnstiles have been knocked down

The Kop steps

30th May 2012 

The final standing part of the Main Stand

Nothing remains of the rest of the stand

The remainder of the away end

The Compton Street Stand. The TV gantry has now gone.

The demolition

A piece of metal that used to hold up the main stand sticks out of the ground

This view looks a bit different now…

Looking through the hole in the Cross Street wall

The last remaining section of the main stand with the steps behind it

A piece of the Main Stand lies in amongst a pile of rubble

The view from ground level

A digger sits by the pitch

The digger, the remainder of the turnstiles and a floodlight

A fllodlight looks over piles of rubble

The luxury Saltergate toilets remain for a little longer

The remaining sections of the Compton Street Stand

The day after this photograph was taken, the final piece of the stand was knocked down.

The future of the famous old ground…

20th June 2012

Looking towards the entrance where the Main Stand once stood

The floodlights are all that remain

A blue gate lies on the ground


Twisted bits of metal stick out of the ground where the MainStand once stood

A sign advertising Chesterfield FC Saltergate Ground Tours!

The cross street wall has now almost entirely gone

Piles of mud and rubble on the pitch

The Compton Street Stand

The last remaining barriers

Looking through one floodlight towards another!

The Cross Street wall has been knocked down

Floodlight, a barrier and the remainder of the stand

Demolition in progress


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