Inherit The Stars – Live at The Leadmill


Sheffield’s Inherit the Stars kicked off their first ever UK tour in style on Saturday night with a performance that had the hometown crowd going crazy.

2013 was a hugely successful year for one of Sheffield’s fastest growing bands, Inherit the Stars. It saw the release of their debut album ‘We Were Made To Walk The Skies’ in May, massive headline shows at both Sheffield’s Corporation and O2 Academy and much more. It is going to take something special to make 2014 even better, but the 5-piece alternative post-hardcore band got the year off to the perfect start with a pulsating performance at The Leadmill.


The Leadmill

The opening support acts of the night were ‘Within the Breed’ and ‘Or Die Trying’, who both played entertaining 20 minute sets before the final support of the night – ‘Suborbital Lobotomy’ – hit the stage. Fronted by the instantly recognisable Steampunk Axl, the hard rock group performed a passionate set that warmed up the excited home crowd. The final song of their set brought a smile to many faces in the crowd as ‘Sub-Lob’ played a heavy cover of the famous pop song ‘Milkshake’ by Kelis.

Steampunk Axl from Suborbital Lobotomy

Steampunk Axl from Suborbital Lobotomy

It was now time for the main event of the evening – Inherit the Stars. The venue filled up nicely and the you could feel the anticipation as the band’s entrance got closer. Finally, the group burst on to the Leadmill stage with “If We Fall, We’ll Fall Together”. This song instantly had the audience joining in, encouraged by singer Danny Jeffery, who held out the mic for the packed crowd to sing “We’ll Fall Together” back to him.

‘Citizens of Earth’ and ‘Caught In The Crossfire’, both from the band’s debut album, followed before a brand new track ‘Flaws’ was played live for the very first time. The new song, which had been hinted at by the group in the days before the gig on Twitter and Facebook, was an instant hit and was accompanied by an announcement of a new upcoming EP by the band, something that will be highly anticipated by many.

Daniel Jeffery

Daniel Jeffery

The energetic show was then temporarily slowed down with ‘Facing the Fire’. But the room quickly exploded in to life once again as the group performed ‘Imagine’ and then ‘When Hearts and Worlds Collide’, which included guest vocals Liv Puente of ‘Freeze the Atlantic’, who joined the band on stage for this song.

Guest vocalist  Liv Puente

Guest vocalist Liv Puente

By the time the group played their penultimate song the room was ablaze with energy. The moshpit become crazier and the audience sang louder while the stage didn’t seem to be enough to contain the group. Bassist Lewis Wild stood on top of one of the large amps and surveyed the room while vocalist Jeffery was carried into the crowd mid-song by an adoring group of fans who screamed down the mic with him.

Daniel Jeffery

Daniel Jeffery

The final song of the night was Inherit’s latest single ‘Ground Zero’. Jeffery encouraged everyone to follow his vocals of ‘This is Ground Zero’ with ‘Are You Ready To Go?’ and the majority of the room complied. At the end of the song the band thanked the audience before heading off stage at the end of what they described as the “most incredible night of their lives.”

It was the perfect start to their first ever UK Tour, which sees the band travel across the north of England in the coming weeks. This was my fifth time seeing Inherit the Stars perform live and they never fail to impress, so if you get the chance to catch them on tour then I would highly recommend doing so – they are a band destined to do big things.

Their first ever UK Tour

Their first ever UK Tour

Setlist: If We Fall, We’ll Fall Together//Citizens of Earth//Caught In The Crossfire//Flaws//Facing the Fire//Imagine (If We Ruled The World)//When Hearts and Worlds Collide//Here at the Edge//Ground Zero//


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