Coronation Street Tour


On Thursday 2nd April 2015, I went to Manchester for a tour of the old Coronation Street set.

Opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1982, this set is the show’s longest-lasting with filming there only coming to an end on 20th December 2013, after 31 years.

Less than five months later it was re-opened as a tourist attraction, allowing fans of the show to walk in the footsteps of the endless number of famous characters that have graced the street over the years.

The tour is excellently put together and is a must for Corrie fans in particular! You get to visit the dressing rooms – complete with costumes and props, the interior sets used for iconic locations such as the Rovers Return and more, before finally heading out onto the street itself.

It’s a strangely exhilarating feeling walking past the Rovers, the Kabin, Underworld and the many other famous buildings that the nation has seen on it’s TV’s for decades. I would certainly recommend it to anyone, regardless of whether they are a big fan of the show or not!

Look below to see my photos from the tour:

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