Bring Me The Horizon – That’s The Spirit signing at HMV, Sheffield


Bring Me The Horizon signed hundreds copies of their brand new album ‘That’s The Spirit’ during a meet and greet event at Sheffield’s HMV on Sunday 13th September.

Hundreds of fans turned out and queues stretched far up the high street as fans excitedly waited to meet the five members of the Sheffield band – Oli Sykes, Jordan Fish, Lee Malia, Matt Kean and Mat Nicholls.

The band’s fifth studio album was released on Friday and instantly hit number 1 in the Itunes charts in numerous countries. It is by far their most mainstream to date, showing a miraculous transition from their deathcore sound less than a decade ago.

Their hometown hosted the final of a trio of signings, having visited London and Manchester earlier in the weekend to celebrate the release of ‘That’s The Spirit’. The band now head out to New York for a show on Tuesday evening, before a world tour at the end of the year that includes four sold out UK dates – Edinburgh, Doncaster, Cardiff and London at the end of November.



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