Bring Me The Horizon – Matinée show at the O2 Academy, Birmingham


Bring Me The Horizon continued their massively successful UK Tour with a special matinée performance at Birmingham O2 Academy.

Less than 17 hours after a landmark show at London’s Alexandra Palace, the band rocked a near-sellout crowd in the first of two shows on this Sunday in England’s second biggest city.

Support came from Welsh pop-punk band ‘Neck Deep’, who burst onto the stage with ‘Citizens of Earth’ before “having a moment” with the slower ‘A Part of Me’ and later ending with ‘What Did You Expect?’.

The Sheffield headliners then hit the stage at around 3:30 as Oli Sykes and co battled against the affects of the previous night’s hangover to put on yet another excellent show.

Performing the same 13-track setlist that they had done three nights earlier in Doncaster, they kicked off with the atmospheric ‘Doomed’ from their latest release ‘That’s The Spirit’.

The majority of the set was a mixture of tracks from the newest album, with the likes of ‘Happy Song’ and ‘Throne’ performed, as well as their previous and arguably best release ‘Sempiternal’ – including ‘Shadow Moses’ and ‘Sleepwalking’.

There were also a couple of throwbacks to another era of the band, notably a powerful performance of ‘Chelsea Smile’ for which Sykes proclaimed “My voice is f*cked so you’ll have to help e with this one!” to which the crowd more than happily obliged!

Following an emotional ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ and then ‘Antivist’, the band briefly left the stage before returning for an encore of ‘Blessed With A Curse’ and finally ‘Drown’, which provided a perfect ending to a wonderful performance from one of the biggest bands around right now.

Neck Deep

Setlist: Citizens of Earth // Losing Teeth // Gold Steps // Kali Ma // Can’t Kick Up The Roots // Serpents // A Part of Me // What Did You Expect? //

Gallery (click for larger images):

Bring Me The Horizon

Setlist: Doomed // Happy Song // Go To Hell, For Heavens Sake // The House of Wolves // Chelsea Smile // Throne // Shadow Moses // Sleepwalking // True Friends // Can You Feel My Heart // Antivist // Blessed With A Curse // Drown

Gallery (click for larger images):


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