Andrew Pagett Interview

Crucible debutant Andrew Pagett is the latest top snooker player to give an interview here on

Currently ranked 71st in the provisional rankings, Pagett defeated Zhang Anda, Bjorn Haneveer, Nigel Bond and Andrew Higginson to book his place at the Crucible for the first time in his career. The Welshman will now face Jamie Cope in his first ever match at the final stages of a ranking event.

Click below to find out his thoughts on playing at the Crucible, playing in front of the cameras, the new ranking system and more…

When did you first start playing Snooker?

I first stated playing when I was 14 years old.

What is your best Snooker memory?

Becoming the Welsh Amateur Champion back in 2005.

Who was your favourite player when you were younger?

Mark Williams

Do you have any close friends on the Snooker circuit?

Mark Williams, Stephen Hendry, Jimmy White…most of the players really.

How has this season been for you?

This season has been by far the best season of my career so far.

You were of course on the tour back in the 2008/09 season. However, alot has changed since then with the introduction of the PTC events and rolling rankings. How does the new system compare to that of when you were previously on the tour, which do you prefer?

I think the system now is alot better because there is just no time to relax and you must be on your toes at all times because of the cut off points.

How do you feel to know you will be playing at the Crucible?

I feel a bit nervous, but at the same time very excited!

It will also be your ranking event TV debut, how do you feel about playing in front of the cameras?

I have played on Eurosport a couple of times with the cameras on me and they didn’t affect my play at all so hopefully this will be the same.

Have you ever visited the Crucible before or will this be your first time?

I’ve been to the Crucible 2 or 3 times before and I was there when Mark Williams won his two world titles.

Was there anyone you would have loved to have drawn at the Crucible, and was there anyone you wanted to avoid?

I really wanted to draw Mark Williams at the Crucible, and I wanted to stay away from John Higgins.

Do you think you can go far in this years tournament?

I’m not just there to make up the numbers so I think if everything clicks and goes well then you never know!

If you don’t win the world title, who is your tip to win it?

I think 3 times World Champion John Higgins will be hard to stop this year.


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