Saint Motel – Live at Plug, Sheffield


Saint Motel made a wonderful first impression on Sheffield as they made their first visit on Thursday 6th November 2014. The American band had the steel city crowd moving and singing-along to a number of catchy tracks including their hit single ‘My Type’.

‘Saint Motel’ are an indie rock band from Los Angeles, California. Describing their sound as ‘dream pop’, the group released their debut full-length album ‘Voyeur’ in 2012. However, it is their newest EP ‘My Type’, released just this year, that has seen them hit new heights with the title track finding success in the charts in the UK and also Italy. The song was also featured on the soundtrack of the video game ‘Fifa 15’, which has brought even more fans to this American band.

Saint Motel

Saint Motel

The band have just embarked on a UK Tour in support of their new release. Following a sold out show in London the previous night, the band now headed to Sheffield for the first time ever. ‘Plug’ was the venue hosting the show this evening and frontman A/J Jackson described the venue as “amazing” before adding that he liked the “Japanese vibe of the place.”It was ‘Saint Motel’s first time performing live in Sheffield, but the singer admitted that he had heard a lot about the music scene of the city, listing a number of the famous bands that it has produced – including Arctic Monkeys, who the band have previously supported on tour.

Support for the evening came from ‘Lisbon’. Unfortunately, many of those with tickets for the show had decided not to come early which meant only a small crowd for the opening act. However, the young four-piece played on valiantly and thoroughly entertained those in attendance with their indie sound. A number of their songs referenced things like TV shows and video games, the frontman mentioning both ‘Game Of Thrones’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto’ before different tracks, including one named ‘Liberty City’. The band then concluded their half hour set with the song ‘Blue Love’.



After a short interval, the headliners then hit the stage. Kicking off with ‘Feed Me Now’, the band then performed all of their most famous tracks – including ‘Benny Goodman’ and ‘Daydream/Wetdream/Nightmare.

‘Saint Motel’ also performed their new EP ‘My Type’ in full throughout the night. And of course, it was ‘My Type’ that got the biggest reaction from the crowd, which never stopped moving much to the encouragement of frontman A/J. After briefly leaving the stage following their hit track, the band then returned to give the adoring crowd the encore they were chanting for!

My Type!

My Type!

”Saint Motel’ are very entertaining live performers and definitely impressed on their first time in Sheffield. Owning a unique sound combined with the charisma and ability of the multi-talented, guitar and keyboard-playing singer makes them a force to be reckoned with. Good things are expected in the future for this American group!

A/J Jackson

A/J Jackson

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