Saltergate – The Era has Ended

On 5th August 2010 my Dad visited Saltergate to see how the ground looks 3 months after the club played their last match there.

See photos below.

With all of the End Of An era celebrations, the last match,the banquets and the auctions behind us this may well be my final look at Saltergate.The club has now moved with just a few soccer schools being hosted over the holidays.
It was a strange feeling being the only person inside the ground, eerily silent with many memories that I can picture but are now gone forever.

The cabins that used to be the club shop are now gone

Smashed up steps on Cross Street

The Press Area

One of the many seats that have been smashed up

From ground level

Strips of turf have been ripped out

Through the weeds

A football by the edge of the pitch

All the seats in Compton Street have been taken away, including mine!

The weeds are growing higher

Some old terracing behind the Cross Street end

An old terrace


Weeds on Cross Street

A single football boot left at Saltergate

A turnstile left


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